Sunday, January 4, 2009

Vacation is over.....SOB!!

The last 12 days have flown by & Mama has to go back to work tomorrow. She has to work 12 days straight before she gets another day off......we are NOT looking forward to that! We did get in alot of snuggling with her though.

Mama is feeling better, thanks to everyone that asked. She still has an
achey head, but she says it's just mostly annoying. It just doesn't seem to want to go away.

We forgot to tell you that Mama got us a magic warming blanket the day after Christmas!! She says she got it for her, but since we all share the bed, we say it is "ours". Boy do we love it!! It's just too bad we can't have it on all day......we'd probably never leave the bed! As it is, she had to bring Sammy his bedtime treats to him in bed last night. He was all comfy & he wasn't getting up for nothin`!! We might be a little spoiled, but not's the least she should do for us, don't ya think??

Well, not sure when we'll be able to get Mama to blog for us again, but we'll still be reading up on efurryone to see how things are going. Take care efuryybuddy & we'll blog as soon as we can!! Love to you all!!


Lux said...

My mom doesn't have to work 12 days straight (yikes), but she does have to go back to work tomorrow after a long vacation. ::sigh::

I'm glad your mom's feeling better, anyway!

That warming blankie sounds ... warm!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

glad your mom feels better, but sorry she has to go back to work.

the warm snuggle sounds mmmmm.

Cosmo said...

12 days in a row-that's just nutz!
My mom can usually warm her bed pretty good, except when it's too cold in her room-I stay away.
Thanks for visiting my blog.

Cats~Goats~Quotes said...

Our Momma had a magic warming blankie but it broke! We warm her now, but we sure do miss that blankie.

We would like to thank you for coming by and leaving nice words for us about our Bandit.

~ The Bunch, minus one

Angel said...

I like Mom ans Dad's warming blanket, too. Wizard loved it the most. Dad heeps his side warmer than Mom, co when I want warmer, I just move over. My Big brother taught me that!

Camie's Kitties said...

A warming blanket sounds wonderful. We always get our treats in our bed because Mom keeps the treat jar right next to the bed. We hope your mom's achy head goes away soon, and that she isn't too tired after working to spend time with you.

Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade

Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

We are glad to hear she is feeling better! Being sick on vacation is the pits.
You need to get a picture of all of you on that magic blanket!!!! Sounds divine!

Anonymous said...

Work really sucks sometimes. Either you have to work 12 days straight or you don't work at all like our human.

Anyway, hang in there and keep warm!

Eric and Flynn said...

Hi Chesney Cats. We don't think we have ever visited you before. Kimo and Sabi challenged everycat to visit 5 blogs they haven't been to before. The deadline has passed but that's okay cuz we are still going to do it anyway.
The warming blanket sounds good, we wish we had one.
purrrrs furrom E&F

Tesla and Hansel said...

sorry guys, we are done with the cb, goodbye to you. we will miss you

Anonymous said...

Mr Chesny. I can really see you have done all your research.
For a start I did not say moron, that is not a word that I use secondly as I ams ure everything has been deleted I have cut and pasted my respose to which you are reffering I swore in and to what I was responding to.. this was teh last contact I had...
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But thank you for the good morning chuckle!