Wednesday, June 10, 2009

We got a present!!

Of course Mama didn't use the flashy box so we could show you, but we forgive her. Mama went to our Auntie Pam's house on Sunday for a cook-out. They went to a pet store & Mama found us a nip bananer!!! She said she really didn't have the money to buy it, but she did anyway! She did tell us that we had to share cause she didn't have the money to buy each of us one. We love it!! We've had lots of fun with it even if we do have to share!

Update on Josh & Mama:

The bean v-e-t that Josh saw yesterday said the bone scan & chest x-ray were normal & that there is a possibility that the cancer is contained in the kidney. That is some welcome news! The v-e-t was going to present Josh's case to his colleagues today & let him know when the surgery will be. They are discussing the merits of partial kidney removal or if they should take the whole kidney.

Mama went to a gyno v-e-t Monday & found out that along with the polyp in her uterus, she has a tumor on her cervix. Of course Mama was a little freaked out, but the v-e-t said he didn't think either one was anything to worry about. He told Mama that he didn't think her pain was related to either one of those things because it has mostly gone away. He wants to do the least invasive surgery, so he talked her into having her ovaries & tubes removed. He's also going to remove the polyp & the tumor. It's going to be out-patient surgery & a lot less down-time for Mama. But, he promised her that if it looks bad, he will go ahead & do a hysterectomy.
Mama had her CT scan yesterday for the thingie on her pancreas. She was so nervous & sick to her stomach because she knew she would have to have another IV. The lady that did the scan used a "baby" IV on Mama, got it in first thing & it didn't even hurt!! Boy was Mama relieved! She doesn't know when she'll hear about that.

We want to thank all of you for purring, purraying, praying, etc for Mama & Josh. It means the world to us. We want to thank each of you individually, but we're still having problems getting on some of your bloggies. We love all of you in the CB!!


Camie's Kitties said...

We are glad that your mama got you a nip nanna. We have always wanted one, and mom keeps buying them for other kitties. She keeps promising to get one for us. We were so sorry to hear about your bean cousin's diagnosis. We are purring that the surgery and subsequent radiation and/or chemo will help him be healthy again.

We will also purr for your mama, that her surgery goes well, and that the scan she just took shows everything is okay.

Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie

pughy said...

Thank goodness the kidney tumour is contained, that is so good news.

Your mum will be fine, Mum had a lot of smilar things resuting in a hysterectomy thingy a lot of years ago. Mum says you dont want to hear all that here at the moment but to say .. you will be fine.. Prayers and purrs comming your way.

Hugs GJ x

Hansel said...

we're so happy that everything seems to be on the lower end of bad news--- it could've been a lot worse. We do hope that it stays that way!

I know a girl who has a cyst on her uterus- and it caused her a lot of pain! But, they didn't tell her she had them until 2 months after they found it. We were all pretty upset about it, and she switched drs. They monitor it- but haven't removed it yet- that i know of.

But she's doing just fine!

*And thank you, thank you for coming to my purfdeh party yesterday!*

Karen said...

We're still purring and purraying for your Mom and for Josh...


Gypsy & Tasha

PS Concats on the nip naner - we've got to work on getting one now.

Max said...

Nip bananas are AWESOME!

I gots paws crossed for Josh. The Grandpa had cancer in a kidney and they yanked that sucker out 12 years ago and he's been fine ever since. Well, that's a relative term since he IS related to the Woman and fine might be stretching it ;)

Angel and Kirby said...

Good news all around. Still purring and praying for both!

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

We are sending lots of purrs and prayers your way!!!

Karen Jo said...

Congratulations on your nip banana. I do hope and pray that the cancer is contained in the kidney and that Josh will be fine after surgery. I also hope and pray that your Mom's surgery will go fine and that whatever-it-is on her pancreas can be easily taken care of.

Oscar, Expat Cat said...

Mommy and I are praying purring for you both!