Saturday, September 12, 2009

Boring days......

Not much going on around here. Mama's been barking like a seal, moaning about allergies & just generally messing up our nap times. We even had to get out of our bed the other night!! No way could we sleep with her hacking &'d think she would at least try to be quiet.

We do have some pictures to post though.

This was a nasty spider that Mama almost ran into the other day. She had to get the broom & knock it down before she could go food shopping. She wouldn't let us have it, wonder why?
Mama got this shot of Fes last night. He wouldn't look at her, but she likes this picture.
This is the blurp that Mama used to take care of. Today is her 1st birthday. She hadn't seen Mama in a few weeks & when Mama went to talk to her, this is what she did. Mama was a little sad because when Mama took care of her, the blurp used to want her instead of her own Mama or Daddy. Now the little blurp doesn't know Mama anymore. She sure misses those little beans.


Angel and Kirby said...

We like the picture of Fes. We are glad your Mom got to see the blurpy girl, but sad she did not remember.

pughy said...

I am so sad that your mummy misses the little one's The picture is so cute..

Hugs GJ xx

Hansel said...

happy birthday to the blurpy! sorry we are a day late!