Saturday, September 20, 2008

Emma Saturday

The first thing we want to do is apologize for the crappy way the last post came out. Mama is so trying to figure it all out.

Today is all about me, Emma. I am the most beautiful girlcat in this house (DUH, Mama!!! I'm the only girlcat in this house!). I came here to my furever home almost 2 1/2 years ago. I used to live on the farm where Auntie Lori lives now. I wasn't really very social when Autie Lori brought me to Granny's house for Mama. I hissed, growled & tried to hide so no one could find me. I was not a happy all. Then, when Mama & "Daddy" brought me home I was really p*ssed!! There were 2 strange cats here that I didn't know, one of them (Fes) was almost as p*ssed as I was.

I lived in the litterbox room for 2 weeks & slept in there at night for a loooong time. Mama would let me out for awhile so I could get to know my new brothers, but she stayed right with us. Probably a good thing, Festus & I growled & hissed at each other all the time. She was afraid that Fes might hurt me since he was about 100 times bigger than me. It didn't take very long before Sammy & I were snuggling & grooming each other. For the most part, Fes & I still don't have alot to do with each other & sometimes we still growl & hiss, but I love both my brothers in my own way.

It even took me awhile to get very loving with Mama. I still don't like it when she picks me up or tries to hug & kiss me. But I do get on her lap & I love for her to give me pets & scritches. I give her tons of sandpaper kisses too, that way she knows I love her. I don't like it when Mama gets sad, I usually get on her lap & put my face up to her face & meow that everything will be OK.
So there you have it, a whole post about me. I hope you enjoy reading it.


Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Oh Emma, yoo ar purrty. Zippy is da same way. She was borned in da out and seperated from her fambly when she was little. She also had hurted feet and hadda haf serjeree so dat mom carried her around for a couple days after she got home so now mom is her most favorite in da whole house.

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

What a great post! We think that your Mommy is doing a great job!

Daisy said...

Thanks for telling us all about you, Emma. You are beautiful!

Moki said...

Thats ok Emma some kitties just never like to be picked up, hugged and kissed, but love to be petted.

Toulouse said...

Emma, that was such a nice story. I like to read about how kitties found their forever home. I'm so happy your mom gave you a nice home or else we wouldn't have met!


Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

aw Emma, you certainly are a pretty girl. i still don't like to be picked up and fussed over to much, only petted on my own terms, because i was a feral kitty before i came here.

my mommy says your mommy probably thinks your kisses and snuggles are even more special cause when you do them, you REALLY mean it. that is what she sayz about me.

Lux said...

You sound like a real sweetie, Emma. :)

Tesla said...

firs- meh an mommeh saz FANKS fur comin ta meh partay! Den, me an mommeh saz, aminals MUCH cooter den sticky beans anytim!

we all coot an fuzzy.

Mickey said...

Oh Emma,that was a great story about your early life and how you adapted :)
Living with 'family' sure beats living outside!!!!!! I am happy it's working out for you too!!!!!!
Purrs Mickey