Monday, October 27, 2008

Another Auntie Lori Update.............

Mama is so mad at the bean v-e-ts that she has smoke coming out of her ears!!! They never did get around to doing the lumbar puncture because one of the v-e-ts put Auntie Lori on a blood thinner & the v-e-t that does that sort of procedure said "No way, it's too dangerous until all of that drug is out of her system". Then the first v-e-t told Mama that they would not do surgery to relieve the pressure, that Auntie Lori would just have to watch her blood pressure & lose some more weight. Not that she(the v-e-t) is a neurologist, she's a GP.

Auntie Lori has lost around 45 to 50 lbs in the last 6 months & she just keeps getting sicker, so Mama is fit to be tied with this v-e-t & her solutions. Poor auntie can hardly walk or anything else because she's so weak, but this stupid v-e-t discharged her from the hospital today. She told her that the hospital was a "nice safety net" but she couldn't stay forever. This comment made Mama's blood pressure go through the roof!! So now, Auntie Lori has to go in as an out-patient for the lumbar puncture......sometime when the neurologist has time.

Our Uncle Phil says they better get their sh*t together this week or he's taking her to St. Louis where they have "real" bean v-e-ts. We think she should go to the v-e-t that saved Festus this summer, he knows way more than the bean v-e-ts.

Please continue to purr & purray for Auntie Lori......she needs all the help she can get.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Lazy Saturday

We are just laying around snoozing today. "Daddy" came & put on the storm windows & got the heat-blowy box running, so it's nice & warm now. Emma growled at him when he came in, *snicker, snicker*, she's very protective of Mama.

Mama spent time at the hospital with Auntie Lori yesterday. The ben V-E-Ts still aren't sure what's going on. Poor Auntie had a terrible headache & the nursie had to give her some stuff that knocked her out. She told Mama today that they are going to do something called a Lumbar Puncture (ouchie!) to check the pressure of her cerebral fluid. Apparently if the pressure is too high there can be stroke-like symptoms, very bad headaches & lots of other symptoms that Auntie Lori has been experiencing. What p*sses Mama off about all this is that 6 months ago, when Auntie Lori started having terrible headaches & passing out, none of the bean V-E-Ts around here took her complaints seriously. She ended up going to another V-E-T 100 miles away to be treated. He diagnosed her with a certain type of migraine. She was better for awhile, but now she's very sick again. Mama says she just wants to scream!!!
Hopefully now they will find out for sure what is wrong & fix it. If it is the cerebral pressure thing, then she will have to have brain surgery to have a thing called a shunt put in to drain the fluid. Please keep her in your thoughts & prayers & that they finally figure out the problem & get Auntie Lori healthy again.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Update on Auntie Lori..........

It appears that Auntie Lori had a mild stroke. The bean V-E-Ts haven't confirmed it, but they haven't ruled it out either. She has weakness on her left side & droopiness on the left side of her face, Mama says it sounds like a stroke to her.
Auntie Lori is still in the hospital & has to use a walker to get around. She is having Physical Therapy & is going to start Speech Therapy maybe tomorrow. Auntie Lori is only 39, so she is very young to be going through all of this. Mama is a wreck so we've been purring on her more than ever.
Please continue to keep Auntie Lori in your thoughts & prayers. Thanks to all of you that signed in.....Mama will get around to thanking you personally when things calm down a bit.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Asking for Purrs & Purrayers........

UPDATE: Auntie Lori has been admitted to the hospital, but they still don't know what's wrong with her.

Please send purrs, purrayers & prayers for our Auntie Lori. She is very sick & in the ER right now, the V-E-Ts there don't know yet what's wrong with her. Mama is furry worried. Please keep our Auntie Lori in your thoughts & prayers.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Here we have Emma `tocks.

(Mama says ignore the dirty floor)

Here are Festus `tocks.

And last , but not least, are Sammy `tocks.

We want to wish Derby a very Happy Birthday!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

That was a close one..........

Mama & Auntie Lori went on the annual Fall Color Drive today. That's where beans drive all around the county looking at the different colored leaves on trees. They also stop at a bunch of small towns to shop at yard sales & flea markets.....although why they'd want to buy fleas is beyond us. Mama spent a fortune this summer trying to get rid of fleas.
Anyway, at one of the yard sales the beans there were giving away baby can probably guess where this is headed. Mama fell in love with one in particular, she kept telling Auntie Lori that she really wanted him. Luckily for us, they still had alot of towns to visit & they didn't want to leave the baby in the van all that time...........whew, that really was a close one!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


We are very sad that Tiki had to go to the bridge. We're glad he's not sick anymore, but we know it's hard for his family to lose him. We are going to be purring extra hard for them.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lazy Tuesday

Mama felt crappy so she stayed home with us ALL day! She sat around in her jammies & didn't do a thing......well, she did let us play the Red Dot game a couple of times which was fun for us! Mama must have had fun too cause she did laugh alot.......

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bad Mama

We're sorry that Mama has been so bad about posting. At least she is letting us keep up on our friends bloggies, but the last few days she hasn't even let us comment......bad, bad Mama.

She has no excuse for not posting, we think she's just lazy! Well, she says she hasn't had time, but she's sure had time to visit the little sticky-bean & his blurpy baby-bean sister. She comes home smelling of blurpy spit-up.....eewwwwwww.

We did let Mama take some pictures with her flashy box.....just so we could show our friends that we're still here.

Emma was playing peek-a-boo in our tunnel.

Festus letting Mama know that he really didn't want his picture taken. It took her several tries before she got one with his eyes open.

Mama caught Sammy in the middle of his bath.

Anyway, we are still here & we hope everykitty, doggie, bun & bean are doing OK.