Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wordy Wednesday

Oopsie!  Mama forgot about our blogoversary yesterday, so we wanna thank KC & ML for remindin our furiends ( & Mama) & thank our furiends for stoppin by to see us!!

Mama's leg is still swollen & hurty after almost 3 weeks.  Her bean v-e-t said it will take a long time to heal & that it was a miracle that Mama didn't break her leg.  She also said that when Mama does somethin, she doesn't mess around.  We think that means she hurt it really, really bad...

We have some sad news to report.  You know we're always talkin about Auntie Lori, well she had to help her 15 yr old poodle, Shadow to the Bridge Monday.  He was a good old woofie, he always laid beside Baby Cole's cradle efurry night.  The v-e-t said he probably had cancer & that they couldn't have done anything for him.  Auntie Lori & her family are takin it pretty rough, so if you could spare a few purrs or tail wags for them we'd sure be grateful.