Wednesday, August 18, 2010

We have a sad....

We just posted about Fat Eric, then we found out that our furiend Luxie went to the Bridge too. Our hearts & purrayers go out to their families. We have a very big sad....

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mama forgot!!

OMC!! Can you believe that Mama forgot our 2nd Blogoversary?!? It's bad enough that she hardly lets us blog anymore, but this is almost unforgivable! The only reason it's not totally unforgivable is that she got us presents yesterday.
She got us some new food dishes & we really like them. Sammy has a bad habit of fishing the food out of the bowl with his paw, then eating what doesn't fall in the floor. Mama got tired of sweeping up catfood & throwing it out the door, so she thought these might work out better. These dishes sit in a stand that is about 7 1/2 inches tall. Now we can sit up & eat our foods instead of almost laying down. Mama is quite pleased to see no food on the floor around the dishes.
She also got us a Furminator! She's wanted to get us one for a long time but thought they were just too many green papers. But she saw one on for $8.50 + $4.99 for shipping! What was even better, she had a little over $7 left on an Amazon gift card she forgot about, so it only cost about $6.....what a bargain!! We also got some more treats & we do love our treats! So that's why we gotta forgive her for her forgetting our blogoversary.
Mama's leg is lots better. It's still draining a little & she promised 2 beans that if it's still draining after she finishes her Aunty-biotics, that she will go back to her v-e-t & have it checked again. She says she's had lots of kitty bites over the years but never one like this. It hurt so bad she could hardly walk for a few days. One good thing came of it though, she's a lot more careful about where she puts her big ole feets! She looks pretty funny when she gets up to use her litterbox in the dark & she's scooting her feet all the way there & back.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Easy weekend

This is why we're having an especially easy weekend:

Mama accidentally stepped on Emma early Wednesday moring & Emma bit Mama's leg. This is what it looked like Friday morning so Mama decided to go to the bean v-e-t place to get it checked. She has a furry bad infection & has to take Aunty-biotics & she had to get a tetanus shot. She has to stay off her feet as much as possible & keep her leg elevated, so we are taking turns purring on her.

Lots of other beans think Mama should be mad at Emmy, but she knows Emmy didn't mean to hurt her. In fact, after it happened, Mama was crying & telling Emma she was sorry that she hurt her! Some beans just don't understand. Besides, we know it was Mama's fault, she needs to watch where she's putting those big feet of hers.