Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry (white) Christmas!!

We have no idea what this will look like once it posts, Mama is having trouble lining up the pictures. So if it looks really strange, please try to ignore the strangeness.

Anyway, we are having our first white Christmas in 8 years!! We've been having fun watching the big snowflakes falling! Mama's not so happy about it though. She wishes it would have waited a little later in the day to start snowing. She missed out on her family Christmas gathering cause she didn't wanna drive 25 miles in the pretty snow. She's not the most confident driver in good weather, so this really put her off. She'll get over it though.

We want to wish efurrybuddy the Merriest Christmas ever!! Hope Santa Paws brought you all you wanted!!

We got our Secret Paws package on the 23rd, we'll blog about it later.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Brrrrry Monday

We got our first snow of the season yesterday. Not very much but more than Mama wanted. She's not a fan of winter weather...she's really not happy that the temp is 7 degrees!
We got Mama to get our Christmas cards ready & our Secret Paws package ready to mail. She had the Secret Paws package all sealed up when she realized she forgot to put our note in with it. Some days she's just useless, *sigh*.....

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wordy Wednesday

We really gotta keep a good watch on Mama or she will be bringing in another kitty. Yesterday when she went to get the mail, there was this small tortie cat sittin on our back step. She petted & loved on him/her for a bit then walked on to the mailbox. The kitty followed her! I mean, really, she's our mama...not his/hers! Our mailbox is across the highway, so Mama picked up the kitty cause she didn't want him/her on the road. The kitty didn't want to be held, so he/she jumped down & beat Mama across the road then followed her back home.
Mama came in & got the very last of our stinky goodness & some crunchies & took it out for the kitty to eat. Our LAST stinky goodness!!! Doesn't matter that we won't eat it, it's the principle of the matter!
Anyway, when Mama came back in the house, that kitty tried to come in with her!! Mama is very tempted, especially since it's turned off real cold, but she can't afford to take him/her to the v-e-t. And after efurrything with Joey last year, she doesn't know if her heart could take it. So we're on a wait-n-see watch. We keep tellin her we don't need anymore kitties here!!