Monday, April 25, 2011

Goodbye Sweet Praline

You will be sadly missed. You are furever in our hearts.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Mama's in trouble!

Is there a kitty abuse hotline?? I need one to report Mama! See, we were layin in bed together, she was lovin on Sammy & I (Fes) decided to get in on the action. Well, bout the time I get ready for my skritches, Sammy decides to put the bitey on Mama's arm...then she bopped me right on the nose!! Oh she claims it was an accident but it was abuse I tell ya! Anybuddy got a number I can call??

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Monday, Monday

Sorry we haven't been around much. Between all of our furiends that have run off to the Bridge, all of our furiends that are sick & having work done on our house has had Mama stressed. Then when precious Shell went to the Bridge, Mama lost the will to blog. Or comment much. So, we talked her into posting about the work we had done. We all know she's reall crappy at getting pictures to line up right on our bloggie, so please forgive her cause she doesn't know what she's doing. This is the lovely kitchen ceiling before all manner of strange beans came to fix it. It's been like this for a couple years.

This is the litterbox room ceiling. This happened last summer before Mama got the roof fixed. Actually this put a fire under Mama's butt to get the roof fixed.

The litterbox room ceiling after the strange beans left. Mama still has to paint it, but it looks much better.

The kitchen ceiling after. It looks sooo much better & we're glad all this work is finished!

We were NOT happy when 6 strange male beans came into our house last Friday. We added greatly to Mama's stress level. Mama was in the kitchen talking to some of the strange beans, then she came into the living room. (We also got a new front door) She just about had a heart attack because the beans had the front door open & she hadn't put us kitties in the bedroom yet....and no kitties were to be seen. She ran outside & no kitties could be seen out there either. She found Sammy pretty quick behind the couch but didn't find me (Festus) or Emma. She looked efurry where (or so she thought) & was frantic because she thought we got out. When all the strange beans left, 4 hours later, Em & I decided to come out from under the couch!! She didn't think we could get our fat bootys under there but we did! We got LOTS of loves & treats cause she was so happy to see us!!!

Mama says this is way too long & she hopes efurrybuddy reads it. Hey, we're just trying to make up for lost time, right?