Thursday, September 4, 2014

Bad Mama!!

Thanks for the well wishes for Fessy's Gotcha Day! Mama hasn't posted about our birthdays, Gotcha Days, or even our blogoversary... she has not only been bad, but she's been awful!!!

We would fire her, but she's already been fired once. Mama losted her job & is havin trouble findin another one. Now you would think this would give her more time to help us blog...but nooo, not our mama.

 She says she's just been blah & not feelin up to helpin us. Says all we do is eat, sleep, & poop anyway. Oh yeah? What about when "Daddy" put in the new cold air blowy thingy & Sammy jumped out the window?? You almost had a heart attack...that was exciting, wasn't it? Luckily, Sammy hadn't ever been outside, so he was tippy toein in the grass & "Daddy" caught him right away. But still, that was something to be blogged about, wasn't it?

If we could keep her off the bookface thing, she'd have more time for blogging...we may just fire her anyway!!