Thursday, June 25, 2009

Festus is Five!!

Today is my 5th birthday! Notice that Mama didn't even take a new picture of me? She says we're just gonna have a quiet day & be thankful for our family & friends......oh yeah, she said I get extra treats today too!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

More Boxes

It really was Box Day yesterday!! We had a big crash & boom storm in the afternoon & Mama looked out the back door to check it out. She started laffin & grabbed the flashy box. This is what she saw in the empty lot across the alley:

This was during the storm.

This was after the storm was over.

Friday, June 19, 2009

International Box Day & our 100th Post

Today is International Box Day! Mama went through our pictures & found some to post for today:

Sammy hiding his face from the flashy box.

Festus just chillaxing.

Emma & Sammy snuggling in a box lid.

Festus hanging out in a water box.

This is also our 100th post! If Mama weren't so lazy, we would be way past 100, but sometimes mamas are hard to train.........

Sorry this is so screwed up. Mama tried a bunch of times to fix it, using just about all the words on the bad word list, but it didn't work.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bad News............Good News

Josh heard back from his biopsy today, it is definitely cancer. He is scheduled for surgery on July 2nd. Mama doesn't have any other details yet. We're still asking for purrs & prayers.

We do have some good news to report though! Mama finally heard back from her CT scan & there is nothing on her pancreas! It must have been a shadow or something on the other one. Mama's surgery is scheduled for July 10th & she's still debating on whether to go ahead & have the full hysterectomy or just let her v-e-t take her ovaries & tubes. She's gonna call him & ask him some questions, then make up her mind.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

We got a present!!

Of course Mama didn't use the flashy box so we could show you, but we forgive her. Mama went to our Auntie Pam's house on Sunday for a cook-out. They went to a pet store & Mama found us a nip bananer!!! She said she really didn't have the money to buy it, but she did anyway! She did tell us that we had to share cause she didn't have the money to buy each of us one. We love it!! We've had lots of fun with it even if we do have to share!

Update on Josh & Mama:

The bean v-e-t that Josh saw yesterday said the bone scan & chest x-ray were normal & that there is a possibility that the cancer is contained in the kidney. That is some welcome news! The v-e-t was going to present Josh's case to his colleagues today & let him know when the surgery will be. They are discussing the merits of partial kidney removal or if they should take the whole kidney.

Mama went to a gyno v-e-t Monday & found out that along with the polyp in her uterus, she has a tumor on her cervix. Of course Mama was a little freaked out, but the v-e-t said he didn't think either one was anything to worry about. He told Mama that he didn't think her pain was related to either one of those things because it has mostly gone away. He wants to do the least invasive surgery, so he talked her into having her ovaries & tubes removed. He's also going to remove the polyp & the tumor. It's going to be out-patient surgery & a lot less down-time for Mama. But, he promised her that if it looks bad, he will go ahead & do a hysterectomy.
Mama had her CT scan yesterday for the thingie on her pancreas. She was so nervous & sick to her stomach because she knew she would have to have another IV. The lady that did the scan used a "baby" IV on Mama, got it in first thing & it didn't even hurt!! Boy was Mama relieved! She doesn't know when she'll hear about that.

We want to thank all of you for purring, purraying, praying, etc for Mama & Josh. It means the world to us. We want to thank each of you individually, but we're still having problems getting on some of your bloggies. We love all of you in the CB!!

Friday, June 5, 2009


Well, we got bad news & maybe more bad news. Josh does have cancer, he's having a chest x-ray & bone scan today to see if it's spread. He goes Tuesday to Springfield (IL) to schedule his surgery.

Mama finally heard back from her ultrasound, she has a "moderately large polyp" in her uterus. She goes Monday to a gynecologist v-e-t to see what to do about that. She wants him to just give her a hysterectomy & get it over with. And since the fun just keeps on coming.....she got a call from her primary care v-e-t this morning asking if the ER v-e-t told her that she needed a follow-up CT scan after the one she had on May 4th., he said it was clear. Well, apparently it showed that Mama has a "nodule" on the tail (?) of her pancreas. Wasn't it nice of them to let her know a month later?!? So, now Mama has to go back to the hospital on Tuesday for another CT scan. Because as her v-e-t said "We don't want to wait until it's large & find out that it's pancreatic cancer."

We know that yet again, this isn't about us cats, but if you could spare some more purrs, purrayers, tail-wags........whatever, we could sure use them. Thanks efurrybuddy, we love you guys!

Monday, June 1, 2009


Mama heard from her great-nephew, Josh, that she helped raise. He has a mass in his kidney & the bean v-e-t is pretty sure it's cancer. Mama is beside herself as you can imagine, but she knows what purrs & purrayers from the Cat Blogosphere can do. So please take a moment & send up good thoughts for Josh. Thanks efurrybuddy.