Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Update on Mama & Baby Cole

On this day last month, Mama was in the hospital having emergency surgery on her hurty leg.  She had a septic hematoma, which means she had a lot of built up fluid & blood that got very badly infected.  Mama thought she had the flu & being blonde, didn't connect the swelling & pain in her leg to the high fever she had.  When she finally figured that it might be connected & called her bean v-e-t, they told her to get to the ER!  Within a half hour of being admitted she was in surgery.  They got 2 litres of fluid out of Mama's leg in the operating room & inserted a drain that stayed in her leg for 2 weeks.  She had a staph infection that affected her liver (back to normal now) & the first antibiotic they gave her messed with her kidneys pretty bad.  She has to have blood drawn Thursday to check her levels & we're purraying that the kidneys are back to normal too!  She was in the hospital for 5 days & one of her bosses came to check on us, feed us, & scoop our poops efurry day...we love Mama's bosses as much as she does!!  She also has an appointment with the surgeon on Thursday to make sure her leg is healing like it should.  It's been a crazy few weeks, but we loved having Mama home for 2 weeks after she came home from the hospital!!

Now for something really cute!!  Baby Cole at 7 months...growing like a weed!  He weighs almost 21 lbs, he can eat some baby foods & he's just doing awesome!!  He had to go back to St. Louis Children's hospital the end of Sept. for tests.  They tried him on pedialyte but he got bad diarrhea, so still no other sugars but fructose.  They also took biopsies of his small intestines to see if his body has the enzymes to digest glucose & other sugars.  If so, this may be something he will out-grow.  The results haven't come back yet but they should any day now.

Well, that's pretty much what's been going on around here...we've been taking care of Mama, eating, sleeping, pooping...the usual stuff.  We're still trying to get Mama to help us blog more, but you see how well that's working.  We're gonna keep on trying, it might work someday...right??