Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Update on Mama's owie...

Mama goes tomorrow to the bean v-e-t to get her stitches out.  Her leg is still pretty swollen & hurty, she's a little worried about it cause parts of it are hard & a little numb.  We've been pretty good about not hurting her...well Fes jumped right on it last night & boy did we hear words from the bad word list!!  Maybe a few that should be on that list!  But he got up & snuggled her neck for awhile so she forgave him.  All in all, we've been been very good.
We wanna thank all of our furiends for the get well-wishes for Mama, it just means the world to us!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Poor Mama

Mama is such a klutz!!  Last Sunday she stepped on Emma & ended up falling in the floor & bruised up her right knee pretty bad.  If that wasn't enough, she fell at Auntie Lori's on Thursday & ended up with 5 stitches!!
Auntie Lori & Uncle Nick are remodeling an old Victorian house.  Mama had to go potty really bad & her nephew was in the downstairs she decided to use the one upstairs.  She'd never seen the one upstairs & she opened the door, took a step (without looking at the floor) & fell into about a 3 ft hole!!  The hole was there so Uncle Nick could get to the pipes & no one else ever uses that bathroom.  Thankfully she didn't go through the ceiling & the nephew, Shaun was there in seconds!  He pulled her out & Auntie Lori took her to the ER (after a half hour of Mama saying she wasn't going!)  So she got stitched up & stayed at Auntie Lori's house a couple days.
She's still hurting quite a bit & we are trying not to jump on her left leg but we forget sometimes...she always manages to catch us before we land though.  So far anyway...

Friday, July 6, 2012

Festus is in trouble...

Mama is mad at Fes...he decided the litter boxes needed scooped so he peed on a pile of dirty clothes Mama had in the bathroom. They were already dirty so we don't see what he big deal is, but she doesn't see it that way.
So, she decided she was gonna give an update on Baby Cole & put a picture of her & him on our bloggie.  Mama & Auntie Lori (Cole's grandma) took Cole to St. Louis for a check-up on Monday.  The baby bean v-e-ts were so surprised when they saw him!!  He now weighs 17 lbs & 8 oz, has 2 teeth & cutting more & is just in general a big ole healthy baby!!  He gets to start eating pureed chicken to see how he does on foods.  He has to go back in September & be admitted for a couple days for tests & to be started on other foods where he can be monitored.  It's amazing how much he's grown in 2 months!  Cole was 4 months old on July 4th...he's come a very long way.  If ya can't tell by the picture...Mama loves him bunches!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

For ML

Our hearts are breaking & our eyes are leaking for our wonderful friend ML.
Please know that you are in our hearts & prayers & that we love you very much.