Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Lazy Mama

We finally got her to sit at the `puter so she could blog for us. She's had the last 7 days off, so there is no excuse except her laziness. We'd fire her, but she's all we got.

Seems like efurryone had a good Christmas. We want to thank efurryone that sent us cards!! Mama was so jealous cause we got way more cards than she did! We had a furry quiet day, snuggling on our snuggly snuggles......Mama said that was hard to type, hee hee.

Guess our New Year's Eve will be fairly quiet too. Mama is supposed to go to Auntie Lori's......she'll have to spend the night since she can't see good enough to drive home in the dark. That sucks.... Luckily for her that her jobbie is only a few blocks from here & she has street lights to see by so she can drive home after work. She's also lucky that she doesn't have to go back to work until Jan. 5th, although she'll have to work 12 days in a row again. Oh well, more treats for us!!

Since it's hard to tell when we'll get our lazy mama to post for us again, we want to wish the entire Cat Blogosphere a very Happy New Year!!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Secret Paws.....FINALLY!!

Emma checking out the packages after Mama opened the box.
Festus says, "Mmmmm, something smells good in here!"

Emma & Sammy are looking, Fes is opening a gift!

Emma thinks the bag smells good too. Sammy's helping Festus.

Aha!! A nice mousie, nom, nom, nom........

Loving the "Pawsbreakers" still in the package!!

Beautiful snuggles, fun mousies & nummy Pawsbreakers!!

We do love us some Pawsbreakers!! We've never seen them around here, but we are gonna make Mama look for them......they are Nom-tastic!!!
Thank you so much to Peggy & the Cats, we love our Secret Paws gifts!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

We want to wish efurryone in the Cat Blogosphere a very Merry Christmas!! We hope it's your happiest efur!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Mama is MAD!!

Mama took pictures of us & our Secret Paws goodies & she's been working forever to try to put them on the computer, but it's not working!! Our ears are burning from all the BAD words she's been saying. We hate to say it, but our Mama has a litter box mouth on her sometimes......we need to wash her mouth out with soap!!

Mama isn't very smar.....umm......computer savvy, but she's never had trouble putting pictures on before. The darn computer tells her that she doesn't have the device plugged in, but she really does. She says she's gonna throw the whole #@%**&% bunch of crap out the door!! We think what really makes her mad is that she's gonna have to ask our "Daddy" for help.......she hasn't talked to him in 2 months & hates to have to ask him for help with stuff. He's really smart about computers, he works on them efurry day, but Mama doesn't like asking him for anything.

We might have mislead some of our friends on our last post........the beans that got in trouble for leaving their work early are the beans that Mama works for. Mama does childcare for their stickybean & little blurpybean at their house. Mama says they are wonderful beans & they are very good to her.

Now that we've wasted our post complaining about the computer & our "Daddy", we do want to say that we LOVE our Secret Paws gifts!! Festus even tried to bite Mama when she tried to take away the gift he was opening! She wanted to set things up to take pictures before they were opened, but Fes had other ideas! Maybe she can get things worked out on the `puter & post pictures tomorrow........we're gonna stuff cotton in our ears while she works on it........

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Slippy, Slidey Thursday Night

We're getting freezing rain & Mama says it is very slippery outside. The Mombean & Dadbean left their work early tonight (which they got in trouble for) because the roads were so bad. The Dadbean drove Mama home & she left our car at their house for tonight. Hopefully Friday will be better.

When Mama got home, there was a box on our step........no foolin` she had to use an ice scraper on the box before she could open it!! It was our Secret Paws gifts from Babe, Bob, Summer, Isis & Romeo from Peggy's Place!! The box had lots of presents all wrapped in Christmas paper & Mama wouldn't let us open them yet.....she's so mean sometimes!! Maybe she'll let us open them this weekend while she's off work. Thanks efurryone!!

I hope our Secret Paws don't think we've forgotten them......Mama's been working so much she hasn't had time to get the package sent out yet. it will be a New Year's present instead of a Christmas present......just extending the holidays!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Snowy Tuesday

Mama is not happy at all. She says she hates winter & it's not even "officially" here yet. It's snowing on top of the ice we got the other night, that's why Mama isn't happy. That & she noticed that the snow shovel is under the carport, so she has to walk through the snow to get the shovel to scoop the sidewalk. Boo hoo, poor Mama.

What we don't like is that it's 10 degrees outside, which makes it furry cold inside too. See, we live in a very old house with 2 wall furnaces. One of which doesn't work & the other one has a tendency to go crazy sometimes & not shut off. Which wouldn't bother us, we like 90 degrees in the kitchen! But Mama worries that it might start a fire when she's not here, so she shuts it off when she goes to work. We have an electric heater that she turns on, but it only keeps it about 60 degrees. We like it warmer than that but have to suffer through the cold until Mama drags her sorry butt home between midnight & 2:30 am. Oh, she only works until around 11:45, then she sits there in a nice warm house chatting with the Mombean & Dadbean furever!!!

See what we have to put up with?? What a bad Mama we have......of course when she does get home, she cranks that furnace up, gives us lots of treats & snuggles. Then we all get to sleep on her when we go to bed.....maybe she's not sooo bad. But for goodness sake woman, just come home when the beans get there!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Blowy Sunday

The wind here has been horrible, but it did keep Mama home with us as she didn't want to drive in it.

It has been a weird weather day here in west-central Illinois. It got up to the 60's this afternoon, but it's now 25 degrees w/freezing rain & sleet going on like crazy!! It's supposed to change over to snow sometime, but we want the warm temperatures back!! We don't like cold & icy snow!

Between the strong winds & us sitting on Mama, she stayed home all weekend. We think it was good for all of us....we've missed Mama like crazy & she's missed us. She told us that she would have to work 12 days in a row again next month, but hopefully not until sometime in the summer would she have to do it again. She gets a week & a half off for Christmas & we are really looking forward to that!!

We have been purring, purraying & praying for all the sick furbabies & beans in the CB. Hopefully efurryone is on the mend. You probably won't hear much from us until next weekend (unless we can get Mama up at a decent hour in the mornings), but we will be reading up on efurryone's bloggies to see how you're all doing. We love you guys!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Finally Friday

Sorry we haven't been around much.......Mama has had to work the last 12 days (including today). She is tired & we miss her very much. The good thing is she gets the weekend off & we're gonna make her stay home with us!!

We are so sorry to hear of the losses of our friends this week & all the sick kitties out there. We've been reading our friends bloggies, but Mama's been too tired to comment for the most part. We are purring & purraying for all our friends in the blogosphere.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


We're glad we got Mama all last weekend........she just told us she has to work THIS weekend again. We don't like it when she doesn't have days off, it's not fair! So because of that we won't be around much for awhile.....please don't forget about us.......

Mama did go to her bean v-e-t yesterday, she has BAD allergies with a secondary infection. So she has to take pills for 12 days & use a nasty nasal spray efurry day.....forever. We're pretty sure we don't have anything to do with those allergy things.

Miss Peach gave us this beautiful award for visiting Micky's family after he was so cruelly shot & left to die. We are just appalled that someone could do such a thing....there is a special place in hell for that person. Thank you Miss Peach for the award.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Lazy Weekend

Can you believe that Mama stayed home all weekend with us?? She was supposed to go to Auntie Lori's today, but she has that sinus crud that seems to be going around. So, she didn't go anywhere.......we can't believe that the holiday weekend is almost over, how sad. We don't know about efurryone else, but it went by way to fast for us

We've just been laying around & chillaxin, of course we do that efurry day, but it was extra nice to chillax on Mama. We miss her since she started working full time, but she does bring home the Temptations!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Turkey Yummmmmmm!!

We hope efurryone had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday! Mama did leave us for awhile to go to her family dinner (lunch), but she was back before 4:00 & we had her the rest of the day.

Our mama, who never, repeat NEVER gives us bean food, gave us each a bite of turkey yesterday......OMC, it was sooo yummy! Emma didn't eat her bite, so we boys got to share it too........silly girlcat! We really wanted more but Mama said no.........mean Mama, she just teased us with that little bit. But, we are very thankful that we got that.

We are gonna try to get Mama to post a little more this weekend & comment on our friends bloggies, just know that we're reading up on you even if we don't comment.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

We want to wish efurryone a happy turkey day!! Thankfully Mama gets 4 days off after working/running the last 9 days, we can't wait to have her all to ourselves! She's baking pumpkin pies right now & then has to get ready for work, but we made her sit down long enough to do this post for our friends.

We want to thank all of you for the kind words, purrs & purrayers for the loss of Mama's cousin. Mama said all our friends on CB are such a comfort & we'd be lost without you all.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Fierce Fighter Day

July 2008-Sept. 13, 2008

Thursday, November 20, 2008


We haven't been blogging much or commenting much cause Mama's been busy & doesn't have much computer time. We are still checking up on & purring for all our friends.

We do want to ask for purrs & purrayers as Mama found out this morning that her 17 year old cousin committed suicide. The whole family is devastated as you can imagine. Especially his Granny, who he lived with, she's the one that found him. So if you could send some comforting purrs to the family, we would appreciate it.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Big Thank You.......

I want to thank efurryone for coming to my birthday party....what a blast!! Thanks too for all the presents & treats, Mama wasn't real fond of the mice but it wasn't her birthday & I loved them!!
I hope Mama made the niptinis right, she's not much for "adult" beverages so if they were a bit off that's why. You all made my day great!!

On a more serious note, please keep Moki & his mama in your purrayers, he is very sick & we need for him to get better.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Sammy!!

Today is Sammy's 6th birthday & we're throwing a little party for him. Mama stocked up on Temptations, Greenies & Party Mix, so all you kitties that don't get enough treats ( do any of us?) eat to your heart's content. Anything you like, just tell Mama to get it for you. We hope efurrykitty has a good time.

Mama wants to thank Ann, the Zoolatry Human for the pawsome graphic!! Efurrykitty go to the Zoolatry bloggie too, and wish Ann a Happy Birthday too. She & Sammy have the same birthday, how cool is that??

Friday, November 14, 2008

Finally Friday

We are so glad it's Friday!! Mama gets the day off & we told her she really needed to sleep in, so she did! It was nice getting to cuddle with Mama for a long time this morning. She does have to go food shopping today, but she's gonna spend the rest of the day home with us.....just like it should be.

Mama did let time get away from her this week, she wants to invite everykitty to come to Sammy's 6th birthday party tomorrow. We aren't for sure when his actual birthday is, so Mama just counted back 4 months from the day she adopted him. So his birthday is now celebrated on Nov. 15.

Well, Mama says she has to get herself dressed so she can go to town to get our food, so we hope to see you tomorrow.......

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Veterans Day!!

We want to say thank you & God bless you for keeping us free.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Purring Monday

We are purring for our good friend Tesla to feel better very soon. We are sad that she is sick again.

We are also purring for Monty Q & his family as it's been 3 months since Little Sprout went to Heaven.

And last but not least, we are purring for the Meezers' & Billy Sweetfeets' dad cause he lost his jobbie this morning.

Please keep all our friends in your thoughts & purrayers.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Breezy, Freezy Saturday

Can you believe that Mama got up & went to town today?? After being away from us so much all week, she actually left the house for a few hours!! We all tried sitting on her as Whicky suggested, but she made us get down so she could go.

She did have to pick up her new eye glasses & Auntie Lori asked Mama to take her to get her hair cut........so we aren't too mad at her. At least Mama can see better now & she got her hair cut too. Auntie Lori is doing a little better, the stupid bean v-e-ts still don't know what's wrong with her. They did her lumbar puncture last Tuesday & said it would be 10 days to 2 weeks before they get the results back. Her neuro v-e-t did say that if these tests come back OK, he's sending her to a specialist in St. Louis. At least he's trying, unlike Auntie's other v-e-t.

It is very windy & very cold here now......last weekend & up til Wednesday it was in the middle 70's. Now it's in the 30's.......burrrrrrrrr. All three of us have been sleeping ON Mama the last few nights. We keep her warm & she keeps us warm. She did tell us that in a couple weeks or so that she's gonna buy one of those magic warming blankets, mmmmm, can't wait for that!

A couple weeks ago our good friend Hans tagged us for a meme & Mama is just now getting around to helping us, so here we go.....

Here are the rules:
1. Be honest.
2. Have fun!!

1. How many calenders are in your home? 4, 1 in the kitchen, 1 in the livingroom, 1 in the bedroom & 1 on Mama's desk.

2. What is your fave season? We like when its warm enough to have doors & windows open.....whatever season that is.

3. What is your lucky number? We don't think we have one.....

4. What is your fave month? Whatever month our fave season is in.

5. What do you like best, Planting seeds, Climbing trees, Jumping into a pile of leaves or Building igloos? Well, we've never done any of those things but we can tell you what we'd like least.....building igloos....burrrr!!

Thanks for thinking of us, Hans!! We aren't sure how many kitties have done this already, so if you haven't done it, consider yourself tagged!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Finally Friday

We are glad it's Friday........this means after tonight Mama gets two days off!! She's ready too! Mama has been getting home between midnight & 1:30 am, then she says she's too tired to read & comment on the bloggies. She's been trying to read the bloggies before she goes to work, but she's just too lazy to comment when she gets home. If she would just come home instead of chatting with the mombean & dadbean forever, she might have more time.
We've been loving on Mama lots when she gets home.....we're not used to her being gone so long every day. So hopefully this weekend we'll be able to comment to all our friends.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Don't forget to vote!!

Mama voted today & got one of those cute stickers like Daisy! Please efurry bean, do you duty & vote today.

Mama's been reading our friends bloggies to us, but she says she hasn't had time to comment. If she can drag herself home at a decent time tonight, she wants to at least go say "Hi" to efurryone.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Mama tricked us!!!

On Friday, Mama told us she had to go to town (about 27 miles away) to get her flu shot, order her new eye glasses & go food shopping. She said she would be home in the afternoon. We waited and waited....... waited some more and finally, around 5:00 Mama's friend came in & gave us more food & water. Mama didn't come home all night!!
Mama usually goes trick-or-treating with Auntie Lori & the kid-beans & stays overnight with them cause she can't see well enough to drive after dark. She left them a message that she wasn't going to do that this year cause she had too much going on. Well..... Auntie Lori called Mama while she was food shopping & talked Mama into coming out for a visit.
When the kid-beans got home from school, they begged & begged Mama to stay to go trick-or-treating with them. She kept telling them no, but then, Auntie Lori held the phone out to her & said that Mama could call her friend to check on us. Mama could resist the kid-beans, but she couldn't resist Auntie Lori.....so she ended up going trick-or-treating & staying overnight like usual.

Auntie Lori & Mama sat in the van & Uncle Phil drove the kid-beams around. Usually Mama & Auntie Lori dress up for Halloween & walk around with the kid-beans. They didn't dress up this time.........Auntie Lori said she was going as a stroke victim this year. She is still really weak on her left side & when she gets tired or agitated, she has a hard time speaking. She goes in Tuesday for her lumbar puncture, so if you could send some extra purrs for her we would appreciate it.

We know our blogging has been sporadic at best, but Mama starts working full-time tomorrow & it make take her awhile to get into a routine. She's been working part-time for a few hours in the afternoon, but now she will be working from 2:00 pm until about 11:45 pm. We don't know why she calls it work cause all she does is play with the sticky-bean & the blurpy baby-bean, but their mama goes back to work tomorrow so Mama's gonna have full care of them. Mama is pretty much a night-owl, but she will need to get up earlier in the mornings to do things around the house before she leaves for work. So she won't probably have as much computer time as she has had. Please bear with us & we'll make Mama blog as much as we can.

Before we forget, Parker's right, diabetes SUX!!! Our granny had it & our Auntie Lori has it too. We need to find a cure!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Another Auntie Lori Update.............

Mama is so mad at the bean v-e-ts that she has smoke coming out of her ears!!! They never did get around to doing the lumbar puncture because one of the v-e-ts put Auntie Lori on a blood thinner & the v-e-t that does that sort of procedure said "No way, it's too dangerous until all of that drug is out of her system". Then the first v-e-t told Mama that they would not do surgery to relieve the pressure, that Auntie Lori would just have to watch her blood pressure & lose some more weight. Not that she(the v-e-t) is a neurologist, she's a GP.

Auntie Lori has lost around 45 to 50 lbs in the last 6 months & she just keeps getting sicker, so Mama is fit to be tied with this v-e-t & her solutions. Poor auntie can hardly walk or anything else because she's so weak, but this stupid v-e-t discharged her from the hospital today. She told her that the hospital was a "nice safety net" but she couldn't stay forever. This comment made Mama's blood pressure go through the roof!! So now, Auntie Lori has to go in as an out-patient for the lumbar puncture......sometime when the neurologist has time.

Our Uncle Phil says they better get their sh*t together this week or he's taking her to St. Louis where they have "real" bean v-e-ts. We think she should go to the v-e-t that saved Festus this summer, he knows way more than the bean v-e-ts.

Please continue to purr & purray for Auntie Lori......she needs all the help she can get.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Lazy Saturday

We are just laying around snoozing today. "Daddy" came & put on the storm windows & got the heat-blowy box running, so it's nice & warm now. Emma growled at him when he came in, *snicker, snicker*, she's very protective of Mama.

Mama spent time at the hospital with Auntie Lori yesterday. The ben V-E-Ts still aren't sure what's going on. Poor Auntie had a terrible headache & the nursie had to give her some stuff that knocked her out. She told Mama today that they are going to do something called a Lumbar Puncture (ouchie!) to check the pressure of her cerebral fluid. Apparently if the pressure is too high there can be stroke-like symptoms, very bad headaches & lots of other symptoms that Auntie Lori has been experiencing. What p*sses Mama off about all this is that 6 months ago, when Auntie Lori started having terrible headaches & passing out, none of the bean V-E-Ts around here took her complaints seriously. She ended up going to another V-E-T 100 miles away to be treated. He diagnosed her with a certain type of migraine. She was better for awhile, but now she's very sick again. Mama says she just wants to scream!!!
Hopefully now they will find out for sure what is wrong & fix it. If it is the cerebral pressure thing, then she will have to have brain surgery to have a thing called a shunt put in to drain the fluid. Please keep her in your thoughts & prayers & that they finally figure out the problem & get Auntie Lori healthy again.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Update on Auntie Lori..........

It appears that Auntie Lori had a mild stroke. The bean V-E-Ts haven't confirmed it, but they haven't ruled it out either. She has weakness on her left side & droopiness on the left side of her face, Mama says it sounds like a stroke to her.
Auntie Lori is still in the hospital & has to use a walker to get around. She is having Physical Therapy & is going to start Speech Therapy maybe tomorrow. Auntie Lori is only 39, so she is very young to be going through all of this. Mama is a wreck so we've been purring on her more than ever.
Please continue to keep Auntie Lori in your thoughts & prayers. Thanks to all of you that signed in.....Mama will get around to thanking you personally when things calm down a bit.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Asking for Purrs & Purrayers........

UPDATE: Auntie Lori has been admitted to the hospital, but they still don't know what's wrong with her.

Please send purrs, purrayers & prayers for our Auntie Lori. She is very sick & in the ER right now, the V-E-Ts there don't know yet what's wrong with her. Mama is furry worried. Please keep our Auntie Lori in your thoughts & prayers.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Here we have Emma `tocks.

(Mama says ignore the dirty floor)

Here are Festus `tocks.

And last , but not least, are Sammy `tocks.

We want to wish Derby a very Happy Birthday!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

That was a close one..........

Mama & Auntie Lori went on the annual Fall Color Drive today. That's where beans drive all around the county looking at the different colored leaves on trees. They also stop at a bunch of small towns to shop at yard sales & flea markets.....although why they'd want to buy fleas is beyond us. Mama spent a fortune this summer trying to get rid of fleas.
Anyway, at one of the yard sales the beans there were giving away baby kitties.....you can probably guess where this is headed. Mama fell in love with one in particular, she kept telling Auntie Lori that she really wanted him. Luckily for us, they still had alot of towns to visit & they didn't want to leave the baby in the van all that time...........whew, that really was a close one!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


We are very sad that Tiki had to go to the bridge. We're glad he's not sick anymore, but we know it's hard for his family to lose him. We are going to be purring extra hard for them.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lazy Tuesday

Mama felt crappy so she stayed home with us ALL day! She sat around in her jammies & didn't do a thing......well, she did let us play the Red Dot game a couple of times which was fun for us! Mama must have had fun too cause she did laugh alot.......

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bad Mama

We're sorry that Mama has been so bad about posting. At least she is letting us keep up on our friends bloggies, but the last few days she hasn't even let us comment......bad, bad Mama.

She has no excuse for not posting, we think she's just lazy! Well, she says she hasn't had time, but she's sure had time to visit the little sticky-bean & his blurpy baby-bean sister. She comes home smelling of blurpy spit-up.....eewwwwwww.

We did let Mama take some pictures with her flashy box.....just so we could show our friends that we're still here.

Emma was playing peek-a-boo in our tunnel.

Festus letting Mama know that he really didn't want his picture taken. It took her several tries before she got one with his eyes open.

Mama caught Sammy in the middle of his bath.

Anyway, we are still here & we hope everykitty, doggie, bun & bean are doing OK.

Monday, September 29, 2008

For Auntie Deb.......

Auntie Deb, we are purring & purraying that your surgery goes well! And we are purraying for your V-E-T, that he can fix your poor back once & for all.
We are also sending you all our love, even Mama!! Please be well & feel better very soon.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sammy Sunday

Today it's all about me! I get to tell you how I came to live with Mama.

Mama had a kitty for 17 years & he went to the Rainbow bridge in 1998. The man in Mama's life at the time told her "no more pets". He said it was too hard to say goodbye & he couldn't do it again.
Fast forward to 2002: Mama married my "Daddy" & he got her a Betta fish for a pet. Now Mama was really lonely without a kitty, so she talked to the fishie like he was her baby. A friend of theirs told "Daddy" that he needed to buck up & let Mama have a cat "for goodness sakes"!
So, Mama saw in the paper that the Humane Society was having a special adoption program for kitties & talked "Daddy" into going. She really wanted a little kitten, but my brother & I were the youngest there, at 4 months old. Mama came over to the cage we were in & started petting my brother, Sosa, on the head. I was afraid that she was gonna pick him so I went over & knocked him out of the way!
She looked at "Daddy" & laughed, she told him that she had just been chosen by me. The nice ladies from the Humane Society got me out of the cage & handed me to Mama.......I gave her lots of headbutts & powerful purrs, she just couldn't resist me.
When they told her what they named me, she almost started leaking from her eyes. The kitty Mama had for 17 years, his name was Sam. She also had lost a woofie a few years before Sam went to the bridge, his name was Blackie. Mama said it was meant to be for me to come live with her because I was a black cat named Sammy, that Blackie & Sam didn't want her to be lonely & sent her to find me.
I think she's probably right & when it comes my time to go to the Bridge, I'm gonna thank them for sharing Mama with me!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Playday Thursday....

Mama finally found some batteries for our Red-Dot game........we had so much fun with it!! We didn't get to play as long as we wanted though. Mama got a little worried about Emma, who she called "Miss Huff`n Puff". She played the hardest & was puffing & panting, so Mama thought we should take a break. She did say that we could play later though.......

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Emma Saturday

The first thing we want to do is apologize for the crappy way the last post came out. Mama is so stup........ah....er....still trying to figure it all out.

Today is all about me, Emma. I am the most beautiful girlcat in this house (DUH, Mama!!! I'm the only girlcat in this house!). I came here to my furever home almost 2 1/2 years ago. I used to live on the farm where Auntie Lori lives now. I wasn't really very social when Autie Lori brought me to Granny's house for Mama. I hissed, growled & tried to hide so no one could find me. I was not a happy kitty.....at all. Then, when Mama & "Daddy" brought me home I was really p*ssed!! There were 2 strange cats here that I didn't know, one of them (Fes) was almost as p*ssed as I was.

I lived in the litterbox room for 2 weeks & slept in there at night for a loooong time. Mama would let me out for awhile so I could get to know my new brothers, but she stayed right with us. Probably a good thing, Festus & I growled & hissed at each other all the time. She was afraid that Fes might hurt me since he was about 100 times bigger than me. It didn't take very long before Sammy & I were snuggling & grooming each other. For the most part, Fes & I still don't have alot to do with each other & sometimes we still growl & hiss, but I love both my brothers in my own way.

It even took me awhile to get very loving with Mama. I still don't like it when she picks me up or tries to hug & kiss me. But I do get on her lap & I love for her to give me pets & scritches. I give her tons of sandpaper kisses too, that way she knows I love her. I don't like it when Mama gets sad, I usually get on her lap & put my face up to her face & meow that everything will be OK.
So there you have it, a whole post about me. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Pictures of US

We talked Mama into posting pictures of us. We think that we're way cuter than sticky & baby beans.
This is Sammy. Notice Festus in the box next to him.

This is Fes in a box.....he almost always closes his eyes when Mama gets the flashy box going.
This is Emma, probably wanting Festus to get out of the box so she could get in.
Pee Ess to Fin: This is what we usually do when Mama tries to take our picture......hee hee........
Oh yeah, Mama is feeling better, she just ate something that she knew she shouldn't. Silly Mama, she'll never learn.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sticky-bean & Baby-bean.......

Here's a picture of Mama's little beans she's gonna take care of. Mama got to hold the baby-bean for almost 2 hours yesterday & she even went back today for awhile.
The dad-bean gave Mama this picture, it was taken the day the baby-bean was born.
From now on though, Mama needs to take pictures of US & put them on the bloggy. It's called The Chesney Cats not Mama's sticky & baby beans.
Mama may not comment on the other bloggies tonight, she hasn't been feeling very well this evening. But we're gonna make her read them so we know how our friends are doing.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sad, Sad Weekend..........

We are so sorry to hear of Pixie crossing the Rainbow Bridge. But we are happy that she is no longer sick. It's just sad for those left behind.

We are hoping that Pixie & Squirmy are getting to know each other & are running & playing together.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Purrs for Squirmy please

UPDATE: Squirmy was injured worse than Auntie Lori thought & the V-E-T had to help her go to the Rainbow Bridge. Please purr for Auntie Lori & her kid-beans, they are very upset, especially the girl-bean as she's the one that was driving & ran over Squirmy.

This is Auntie Lori's kitty, Squirmy. Auntie Lori just called Mama & said that Squirmy got "a little run over" & that she was taking her to the V-E-T. Please purr that she isn't hurt too bad & that she'll be OK.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Why we hate rain........

This our kitchen ceiling.....isn't it lovely?? Rain is gloomy enough, but this just sucks! Mama's been trying to get "Daddy" to do something about it for months, but since he doesn't live here anymore, he doesn't care. He told Mama that he would come down on weekends to work on things, but he doesn't.

We do have a ray of sunshine in all this rainy weather.....the little sticky-bean that Mama takes care of, became a big brother this morning! She can't wait to get her hands on that baby-girl-bean!! At least we know she can't bring her home. So, Mama has 2 weeks off because the Dad-bean is staying home with the Mom-bean. We have plans to love on Mama, ignore her & bug her......in no particular order. We are gonna let her put pictures of the little beans up next week. The sticky-bean has a birthday on Tuesday, so she will get pictures of them then. Mama has been taking care of him for 2 years & she can't believe that he's 4 yrs old already!

This has mostly been about Mama & we can't let that happen too often. We'll make her post about us next time.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


We've had 2 whole days of sunshine & have we been loving it! Unfortunately it's going to leave us tomorrow & we have chances for rain for the next 4 days. That sucks, but it could be way worse.
We are purring for all our friends that are in the path of hurricane Ike. We wish it would just disappear & leave our friends alone.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Rainy Days & Mondays.......

It's been rainy & cool here today. Not much good for anything but napping so that's what we've been doing. Waiting on sunshine for tomorrow..........

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Thanks everyone for the well wishes for my Gotcha Day........you sure know how to make a fella feel special!! I did get extra treats & put in extra snuggle time with Mama, I even slept with her all night! I'm trying to snuggle with her while she's typing this post, but she says I'm not helping.

Mama was getting ready to take her shower this morning & she ran out & got her flashy box........she said she had a once-in-a-lifetime photo op......
I look like I'm nipped out here, but I'm not. (darn it!!) The reason Mama calls this a once-in-a-lifetime shot is that if me & Emma are this close, it usually involves growling, hissing & biting! We don't get along real well most of the time. Not to mention that Emma has the idea that this cabinet in the litterbox room is HERS! She even put the bitey on Sammy the other day cause he was up there with her......that's strange because she loves, loves, loves Sammy. Me....not so much. Oh well, we have to change it up sometimes, we can't let Mama think she has us all figured out...........

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Happy Gotcha Day, Festus!!

This is Mama taking over the blog. I can't believe that 4 years ago today I went & picked up the love of my life!! He was just the cutest little furball ever. Don't get me wrong.....I love all 3 of my babies, but Fes is my snuggler & we share a bond that I don't have with Sammy or Emma. They are more loving than they used to be since I became a "single mom", but Festus has been a lovebug from the first moment I ever held him!

I wish I had some baby pictures of him but somehow when I changed computers they didn't come along.....

This picture of him was after his 1st (and so far last) haircut:
He looks like he's trying to figure out how that happened to him.
Happy Gotcha Day, Fes!!

Monday, September 1, 2008


Sorry we haven't been blogging, Mama said she's been down in the dumps. We thought she was going to work when she left here, not to the dumps!! Anyway, we told her that all our new bloggie friends would forget about us if we didn't blog soon, so she said we could blog today.

Mama's been hanging out with us alot lately, as she should. That way we can totally ignore her unless she's trying to read the paper, work on the bean snuggle she's making or when she's at the computer. That's when we all want to be loved on, sometimes all 3 of us at the same time!

She did go to town on Sat. to see Auntie Lori, you know what that means......loving on baby kitties! So we left her a couple of surprises for when she got home. One of us (not saying which one) yakked a big ole hairball on the kitchen table, it was a beauty!!! We wanted her to take a picture of it, but she just cleaned it up & gagged. And one of us (again no names) left a nice pile of yak in the livingroom......too bad she doesn't go barefoot. Hee hee.

The only thing is, she had a surprise for us too. When we were checking out the other kitty smells on her, we noticed a different smell.........it was WOOFIE!!!! And not Auntie Lori"s woofie either, we know Shadow's smell & this wasn't it. It seems Mama decided to go to her friends house to get her hair cut. Mama's friend has a mama chihuahua with a baby. Mama was loving on a baby woofie!! She said the baby had Parvo awhile back & almost went to the Rainbow Bridge, twice! But the baby's well now but apparently being sick stunted her growth because she is the same size as a 10 week old puppy. That's how old she was the first time Mama saw her & she isn't any bigger.

We're sorry the baby woofie was so sick & we're glad she's OK now, but Mama has GOT to stay away from ALL babies.......we don't want any babies of any kind here!!!! Silly Mama.

Monday, August 25, 2008

NOT AGAIN................

Mama stayed home with us all weekend, which is a good thing. The not so good thing is that she found a couple of fleas on Festus! She was furry upset as you can imagine.
Things are pretty tight green paper wise, so she's trying to figure out what to do. We think we'll be OK, but Mama is worried.

Friday, August 22, 2008

In Honor of Mu Shue...............

We want to send out hugs to all our new friends. We are also sending our love & thanks for all of you for welcoming us to the CB.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Oh No............

Mama almost brought a new kitty into our house! Her friend's daughters came by & they had a Siamese kitty with them. Mama went outside & held the baby & loved on it even though she knew we were watching out the window. That's just rude!

The girls told Mama that the kitty belonged to one of their friends. Good thing cause she wanted to keep it.

She told us how sweet it was & how it talked to her......blah, blah, blah.

It's bad enough when she goes to Auntie Lori's, but this kitty was right outside our back door!! Waaaay too close for comfort.......we're really starting to worry.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Why Mama goes to Auntie Lori's...........

Mama wants to show efurryone why she likes to go to Auntie Lori's to play with the babies. We still don't like it but we'll let her show you.

Here are the babies eating on the patio table:

Here is Peaches, the one that put the bitey on Mama's finger:

And this is Squirmy, if Mama could sneak her away from Auntie Lori, she would bring her home:

See why we don't like her to go visit? One of these times, she might actually bring one home & we can't have that.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Thursday, August 14, 2008

She did it again..........

Mama had to go to the human v-e-t this morning for her "yearly" whatever. She decided that she & Auntie Lori would got to lunch, then go see "Mamma Mia".
We were cool with that because Mama's eyes having been leaking the last several days. We figured she deserved a little fun.
What we weren't cool with is that she was loving on those baby kitties again. Can you imagine?!?
We were so happy to see her when she came home, but then we smelled those kitties. We all checked her over real good to make sure she didn't bring one home. Lucky for her, Auntie Lori was watching closely & wouldn't let her take one.
We really don't know what we are gonna do with her. Any suggestions?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

So much Sadness...........

We just really don't know what to say.
We are purring for Mommy Jenny for the loss of her Felix.
All of us are just furry sad like everyone else on the CB & Mama
just finds it hard to type for us. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


We are shocked and saddened by the loss of little Sprout.
Her family and all who love her are in our hearts and prayers.


Saturday, August 9, 2008


We have to laugh at Mama today, hope she learned her lession.
After leaving us yesterday (TWICE), she should have stayed home & loved with us today, right? Nope, she thought she had to go see her sister, our Auntie Lori, just because she hadn't talked to her for 24 hours. Big deal....Anyway, she was there loving on 5 baby kitties!
Don't get us wrong, we love baby kitties too, as long as they ain't around us or our Mama. The kitties had been eating on the patio table (huh?) & Mama put her hand out to one of them. He licked her finger a couple times & out of nowhere put the big ole bitey on her!! Mama said a word from the bad word list & said she was bleeding like a stuck pig, whatever that means. I guess those little barn kitties have very sharp teeth!
We think it serves her right, if she'd been home where she belongs it wouldn't have happened. Does anycat agree with us?

Friday, August 8, 2008


We want to thank efurryone for such a warm welcome to the blogosphere!! We are furry excited to have our own bloggie! Our Mama isn't the sma...........ahhh, the most technical person in the world.
If it weren't for ML, KC & Deb, we wouldn't have a bloggie cause Mama was too afraid to try it on her own. We love her, but we do have to shake our heads at her sometimes.......
Thanks again & hopefully our posts will be a little less boring in the future.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


This is Sammy, he's my oldest at 5 yrs. old. I got him from the Humane Society when he was 4 months old. He actually chose me...........he was in a cage with his brother (Sosa) whom I was petting. Sammy walked up, knocked his brother out of the way & started rubbing his head on my fingers & purring. I knew right then he was for me. He can be very loving, but when he's had enough, he lets you know. He is very good at putting the bitey on you when he's done being loved on.

Festus is my tuxie boy. He is just about the sweetest cat ever! I got him from a friend of my sister's. He was one of several barn kitties & the only one with long hair. I was a little put out at first because I didn't want a long-haired cat. But when I picked him up, he snuggled as close to me as he could get & started purring. My heart melted right then & there. When he was smaller, he would climb up on my shoulder & suck on my neck as I watched TV or sat at the computer. He doesn't sit on my shoulder anymore, but he still sucks on my neck. He sleeps with me & snuggles as close as he can to me in bed. He's 4 yrs old.

The baby is Emma, she's 2 yrs old. She's another barn kitty, I got her from my sister's in-laws. I decided I needed a baby girl to round out my family. When I brought her home......oh was she a spitfire!! She hissed & growled at the boys like they were invading her space instead of the other way around. It wasn't too long before she & Sammy started snuggling & playing. She would groom him forever if he'd let her. Emma & Festus, on the other hand, didn't get along at all. She just did not want anything to do with him. She tolerates him now for the most part, but there are still times I hear her growling at him. She can be a love bug sometimes, but only on her terms.